Veterinary Student Professional Liability Insurance

When you're in veterinary school, the last thing you should be worried about is the financial cost of making an error during rotations or externships. Malpractice insurance protects students and veterinarians by providing legal and financial support in the event of a covered claim. Veterinary Student Professional Liability insurance through the AVMA Trust program exists to give you peace of mind as you learn and grow.

Many practices and externship supervisors require students to have malpractice coverage in place before beginning externships or volunteer work, and the Trust makes it easy to secure complimentary coverage.

Eligible SAVMA members can take advantage of Veterinary Student Professional Liability coverage for the duration of veterinary school at no cost.

Register for coverage today to receive a Certificate of Insurance and stay protected during clinics, externships, and other experiences outside of veterinary school.

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The details:

Even as a student, you can be accused of veterinary negligence and threatened with a lawsuit. This holds true for students who are working part-time, volunteering, or participating in an externship or preceptorship.

You will have many clinical experiences during your student years. If your school offers a group malpractice policy, there's a good chance it covers school-related clinical experiences, but it likely would not cover non-school sponsored clinical experiences. To help you protect your future, the Veterinary Student Professional Liability policy responds when you are accused of veterinary malpractice.

Get covered at no cost to you. As a benefit of your SAVMA membership, the AVMA Trust pays the cost of your coverage. Your policy will automatically renew as long as your SAVMA membership remains active and until you are licensed.

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if your mailing address is in GU, MA, NH register here

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For more information about the coverage and services offered by the AVMA Trust, visit our websites: AVMA LIFE and AVMA PLIT.